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ShaanMovers is a moving company that accommodates all the relocation possibilities every individual have. Our Calgary Movers are trained professionals that accommodate the client with friendly, happy and positive approaches. We have high-tech equipment available for your convenience, like cartoons, mattresses, furniture blankets and cover, floor runner, rubber bands, cargo control, corrugated single face rolls, packaging materials, labels etc.

You name it, ShaanMovers has it all.

Available 7 day a week, we have a 26-feet high truck that includes ramp, straps, moving bins, boxes and tailgates to cater all the needs of a relocating operation.

Whether you need to move your stuff from highly elevated rooms or tight access pose no problem at all. Here at ShaanMovers, we put so much resource into hiring the right people who can engage or converse with the costumer well. Our professionals are also physically fit, strong and trained to work out just to make the move so much easy. ShaanMovers wants to ensure a hassle free moving experience with quality and value for every cent that you spent.

Moving to a new place is not that easy, you have to consider all the ups and downs, ins and outs, and all the positive and negative things that is about to happen will cross your mind, not to mention

How much are you going to spend?

Are my possessions safe?

Can I trust the people who are going to move my stuff?

All these mind boggling questions comes only with one answer and that is ShaanMovers.


Relocation is one of the most stressful times in your life. By choosing the right moving company, organizing and planning well in advance, you can change your experience into a less stressed one. We even bring our own supplies and resources to do the job right.


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